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Editorial Logbook - 2015-05-20

The current version of the RO Technical Frameworks can be found at Volume 1, Volume 2

NameIDStateStartedDocumentDoc VersionClinical ImpactProfile ProposalProfile OverviewMain AuthorEntry Update
Advanced RT Objects InteroperabilityARTIFinal Text - Superseded by Treatment Planning - Plan Content2004ARTI Supplement v1.6 ARTI Spreadsheet v1.41.6ARTI Clinical Impact Statement ARTI ProposalAdvanced RT Objects InteroperabilityBruce Curran2019-07-17
Basic Quality Assurance Workflow SupplementBQAWDraft2016BQAW 0.100.10 QAW CIS 0.1 FIXMESets requirements for base connectivity between RO devices and QA devicesuser cpauer2019-07-17
Basic RT Objects InteroperabilityBRTOPublished in Technical Framework - Version II in process for adding to TF2004Volume 1, Volume 2 CP for High-resolution contours(draft)1.8BRTO Clinical Impact StatementNormal Treatment Planning-SimpleBasic_Radiation_Therapy_ObjectsBruce Curran2019-07-17
Basic RT Objects Interoperability IIBRTO-IIVoted to final text in 1/19 - Editing for TF2015BRTO-II Rev 1.11
1.11BRTO-II Clinical Impact Statement FIXMEFIXMESven Siekmann2019-04-05
Consistent Dose for External BeamCDEBPassed Public Comment, Edits for Review in July 20192014CDEB 1.81.8FIXME FIXMEFIXMEChris Pauer2019-07-17
Consistent Patient Identification in Radiation OncologyCPRODraft2013FIXME CPRO Clinical Impact Statement FIXMENo work has been done on. Should have an emphasis on workflow. In a generic actor basis, Use case is having patient information appear in RO device as it appears in HIS. Will discuss as part of the profile priorities discussion. Revisit once HIS is more mature.user FIXME2019-01-14
Deformable Registration ObjectsDRRODraft underway - Active Workgroup2016DRRO Version 0.30.1DRRO Clinical Impact Statement FIXMEFIXMEStina Svensson2019-04-04
Discrete Positioning and Delivery WorkflowDPDWDevelopment (2nd Gen, multiple year effort)2000DPDW 1.15 D11.15 D1DPDW Clinical Impact Statement FIXMEStandards definitions are prerequisites that are still outstanding. Design still underway.Thomas Schwere2019-01-14
Dose CompositingDCOMTrial Implementation - Need more test partners, short of critical mass2010DCOM Supplement v1.51.5DCOM Clinical Impact StatementDose CompositingNeeds to be voted to Final TextWalter Bosch2019-04-03
Four D Image ImportFDIIDraft2018FIXMECIS FIXMEFIXMEuser FIXME2018-02-06
Integrated Positioning and Delivery WorkflowIPDWRework due to restructuring of TDW-II2006IPDW v2.1 Draft22.1 D1IPDW Clinical Impact Statement FIXMETaking a template based approach.Thomas Schwere2019-05-27
Multi-modality Image Registration for Radiation Oncology IIMMRO-IIFinal Text. Held from deprecation until 20172011MMRO-II Supplement V1.01.0MMRO-II Clinical Impact StatementImage Fusion for Segmentation, Image Fusion for Dose ReviewMultimodality Image Registration for RO 2012Bruce Curran2016-05-13
Multi-modality Image Registration for Radiation Oncology IIIMMRO-IIIVoted Final Text - Being incorporated into Technical Framework2012MMRO-III v1.121.12 MRRO III Clinical Impact StatementAdvanced Multi-Modality RegistrationFIXMEChristof Schadt2019-07-17
Prescription In Radiation OncologyRXRODraft - Content profile with initial suggested use cases.2013RXRO 0.130.13RXRO Clinical Impact Statement FIXMEFIXMESven Siekmann / Jim Percy2019-07-19
Quality Assurance with Plan VetoQAPVVoted to Trial Implementation in Sep 20162011QAPV 1.24 DICOM Supplement 185 for Public Comment1.24Clinical Impact StatementQA CheckerQAPV OverviewChris Pauer2016-05-13
Query and Retrieve in Radiation OncologyQRRODraft2013QRRO Rev 1.9 QRRO Spreadsheet 1.11 QRRO Use Cases1.1 n/aQRRO Clinical Impact Statement (draft)Q/R in Radiation OncologyScope of profile still in discussion, attribute specification is underwayKoua Yang2019-01-14
RO HistoryROTHDraft2018FIXME0.0CISdoc:profiles:hroFIXMEScott Hadley FIXME2018-02-06
ROI TemplateROITDraft - Waiting for Second Generation DICOM objects progress2013ROI Template0.0 ROIT Clinical Impact StatementStructure templateWaiting for supplement in DICOMWalter Bosch2019-01-14
Technical FrameworkTFAdding TPPC and MMRO-III2007Volume 1, Volume 21.8doc:profiles:tfdoc:profiles:tfFIXMEdoc:profiles:tf
Treatment Delivery - Image ContentTDICVoted for Public Comment on 2016-10-01 (2nd round). Reviewed 8-17. No disposition2013TDIC 1.31.3TDIC Clinical Impact Statement FIXMEMore work pending - add registration content for offline reviewThomas Schwere2019-01-14
Treatment Delivery - Plan ContentTDPCApproved for Trial Implementation.May 2016 - Expected to be tested and moved to final text in fall 20182013TDPC 1.21.1TDPC Clinical Impact StatementDelivery Data IntegrationFIXMEUlrich Busch
Treatment Delivery - Record ContentTDRCVoted to Trial Implementation April 3, 20192016TDRC 0.120.12FIXME FIXMETrial Implementationcpauer Chris Pauer2019-07-17
Treatment Delivery WorkflowTDWFinal Text, Not Yet in Framework2000TDW Supplement v1.2 Supp 96 Supp 741.2TDW Clinical Impact StatementTreatment Delivery WorkflowRT Treatment Delivery WorkflowUli Busch2013-10-24
Treatment Delivery Workflow IITDW-IIIn Trial Implementation2012TDW-II Rev 17v2 Rev 17TDW-II Clinical Impact StatementTreatment Delivery WorkflowRT Treatment Delivery Workflow-IIThomas Schwere2019-07-17
Treatment Planning - Image ContentTPICVoted for Trial Implementation on 2019-07-17.2013TPIC 1.31.3TPIC Clinical Impact Statement FIXMEVoted to Trial ImplementationThomas Schwere2019-07-19
Treatment Planning - Plan ContentTPPCVoted to Final Text on Jan 14, 2019 - Being incorporated into Technical Framework2013TPPC 1.71.7 TPPC Clinical Impact Statement(FFF Profile)FIXMEChristof Schadt, Sven Siekmann2019-07-17
Treatment Planning - Plan Content IonTPPC-IONPublic Comment2017TPPC-ION (v0.14)0.14FIXME FIXMEDeveloped by the WG-7 Ion Subgroup - Voted to public comment on 7/20/19David Wikler, Bruce Rakes2019-07-20

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DICOM Content Definitions (Chapter 7)

Technical Framework Profiles Disposition

Order Name Next State Last Action or State Section For TF
1 BRTO II Published for TI, next Publish to TF Final Text Many
2 MMRO-III Publish to TF Final Text RT Dose
3 TPPC Publish to TF Final TExt Beam sections, many others
4 TDPC Publish to TF- awaiting Connectathon testing Trial Implementation Plan for Delivery, Beams Module, Tolerance, Patient setup
5 TDW-II Publish to TF- awaiting Connectathon testing Trial Implementation UPS
6 CDEB Review for TI after edits Public Comment Plan, Treatment Record, Dose Module, Fraction Scheme
7 TPIC, TDIC Review for TI Public Comment RT Image, CT Image
8 RXRO Public Comment Draft Physician's Intent, Enhanced RX Module
9 TDRC Final Text after testing Trial Implementation Treatment Record / ION
10 Brachy, Ion Public Comment Draft
11 ROI Template Public Comment Draft ROI Dictionary
12 QAPV Publish to TF Trial Implementation Assessment IOD
13 QRRO Public Comment Draft

(Note from March 2018 minutes: “BRTO-II and TPPC are ready for incorporation in the TF”)

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